Nickel Plating Specialists

High Quality
Nickel Plating

Allied Finishing, an ISO certified nickel plating company, has over 40 years of experience in providing high-volume decorative nickel plating services.

We deliver a commitment to offering the finest nickel finishes and decorative nickel plating to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive, appliance, gaming, heavy truck, motorcycle, and plumbing industry. Whether you’re looking for an exhaust system, decorative trim or gadget, we guarantee our expertise and experience as a full-service nickel finisher, to the most prominent domestic companies.

Decorative Nickel Plating

As a leading nickel plating company, Allied Finishing Inc. provides the best in decorative nickel plating by applying our knowledge to efficient processes that delivers the best quality. Allied Finishing provides high quality decorative nickel plating for:

  • Automotive Nickel Plating
  • Motorcycle Nickel Plating
  • Nickel Plating for Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Nickel Plating for Plumbing
  • Nickel Plating for Appliances
  • Nickel Plating for Office Furniture
  • Nickel Plating for Door Hardware
  • Nickel Plating for Gaming

Allied Finishing is a one-stop solution provider with Tier 1 capability. Whether you need nickel plating services only, or require us to manage the entire procurement from raw parts to finished products throughout the supply chain, Allied Finishing Inc. is your first choice for material logistics.

Nickel Plating Services

Allied Finishing provides nickel plating services that can be used for decorative purposes, corrosion resistance, and increasing surface dependability.

At Allied Finishing Inc., we are committed to quality at all stages of the nickel plating process. Our customers’ intricately detailed parts with varied surface curvatures are our number one concern. To manage quality throughout the decorative nickel plating process, we include:

  • 100% final inspection
  • Six Sigma Integration
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • PPAP(Production Part Approval Process)
  • Tier 1 Capability
  • Light Assembly
  • High Volume, High Quality Kitting

Tooling Design Built to Last

Our quality decorative nickel plating begins with custom designed electroplating racks that are state of the art. AFI’s engineering expertise allows us to push the limits in electroplating rack design. This provides our customers the highest quality rack for optimal nickel plating to their unique and sophisticated components.

When we deliver, you deliver the brand excellence you’re known for!

At every step, Allied Finishing Inc. is committed to delivering quality nickel plating services. We connect with our customer’s goals, and strive to provide nickel plating excellence through people, equipment and quality materials. Allied Finishing Inc. assures ISO 9001:2008 compliance throughout our documented quality management process to ensure nickel plating integrity now and for continual improvement.


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