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Connecting People, Practices And Community. Allied Finishing Inc.

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Connecting People, Practices And Community

Connecting People, Practices And Community

Working with legendary companies, we produce finishes for our customers’ components that are an intricate part of a finished product. With nearly 40 years experience, Allied Finishing Inc honors the expertise, experience and knowledge of its team. This long-standing commitment distinguishes us in the decorative metal plating industry.


We owe our standing to the dedication of our 220 employees. The testament to our culture, rests on the people we have today, many of whom have devoted their skills to us for 25 plus years.

We recognize the best talent is more than hiring the right people; it’s having the right people for the right job. We know time invested in the development of our employees strengthens the individual and the company.


Each employee actively participates in the understanding of daily operations and collaborating on solutions to offer the best in class decorative metal plating.


Transparent relationships between our employees, customers and suppliers are the foundation for our business and our community.

Established Safety

“It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” Roy Disney

We encourage safety to provide a healthy working environment. Each person strives to identify, define and measure opportunities to improve our safety programs. This is more than a commitment it’s a way of operating.

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