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Fine Quality Plating Meets Precision. Allied Finishing Inc.

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Fine Quality Plating Meets Precision

Fine Quality Plating Meets Precision

Aesthetically brilliant metal finishing
High quality metal plating is more than pleasing aesthetics; it stands the test of time. Creative automotive design requires reproducible metal plating precision. Allied Finishing Inc’s automotive customers expect our market application of chrome metal plating to endure the elements of the external environment while standing out in the crowd.


“Our company was awarded a program that has very high appearance expectations. We searched and tried out many different companies throughout the U.S. and awarded Allied Finishing the business. After working with Allied for 4+ years now, we consider them one of our best suppliers. From the Ownership/Management Team on down, the relationship we’ve developed has been outstanding. Allied Finishing is our top choice for any Class A chrome plating needs.”

-Quality Manager, Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

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